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Memory Gardens Cemetery

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Osceola Memory Gardens offers many types of funeral services. Before you select a service it might help to think about why we have funerals. A funeral represents a purposeful opportunity to reflect on the meaning of a life that has been lived and to determine the impact of that meaning for the family and friends.

The funeral helps us deal with the reality that a loved one has died. It provides a time and place to remember and talk about the life and death of a loved one. The funeral is an appropriate time to say goodbye which is important in beginning the healing process. As you participate in the planning of the funeral service, you help create a meaningful experience for everyone.

Memory Garden Cemetery

It is the goal of Osceola Memory Gardens to help people complete the relationship with the one who has died and to provide a climate that encourages each person to give and receive emotional support. During the funeral service, family and friends have the opportunity to relate to each other at the deepest levels and find mutual strength.

Osceola Memory Gardens is the source of specific knowledge of regional customs and laws regarding funeral practices. We can assist you with any questions and will develop your preferences into specific plans. Beyond this, the funeral director can be a very helpful advisor on the concept of death, the normal process of grieving and the healing that follows.

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We offer the following Services:

The Traditional Funeral Service is when your loved one is present. The night before the funeral there would be visitation generally in the evening with the casket present. The service itself is normally the following day either in the chapel of the funeral home or in a church, chosen by the family. A funeral often consists of scripture reading, prayers, a eulogy, sometimes a sermon, and music. After the funeral there is a procession to the cemetery, for a committal service. There is a reception to follow at the church or the family’s home which concludes the services. (Services may differ depending on religious preferences)

A Memorial Service is when the deceased is not present. It may take place at the funeral home, the family’s residence, a church, or even outdoors. This is a time to remember your loved one through fellowship with friends and family. The memorial service can also be an addition to a traditional funeral service. For example having a traditional funeral service locally and then a memorial service back in the deceased’s home town. Or, a memorial service can be done after a burial or cremation if this meets the need of the family.

The Committal Service is a brief service at the gravesite after a tradition funeral service but prior to the burial. This is where family and friends say their final goodbyes at the final resting place.

The Graveside Service is if the committal service is the only service. It is accompanied by a visitation the night before. The graveside service is a more lengthy service consisting of scripture reading, eulogy, poetry, and music.

Immediate Burial does not consist of a funeral service. The deceased is placed in refrigeration until the proper paperwork is complete. Then the body is bathed, dressed and casketed. The casket is transported to the cemetery for burial.

Before choosing a funeral service, please take in consideration the needs of each individual family member and the many options available to your family. Please do not hesitate to stop by, contact us at (407) 847-2494 or email us on the "Contact Us" page if you have any questions or require additional information. A member of our staff is always available to assist you.

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