The Many Options for Funeral Homes and Cremations in Ocoee, FL

Osceola Funeral Home

If you are planning a funeral in Ocoee, FL, then you have probably discovered that there are a variety of services that are offered in the area. You have the flexibility to choose from the many funeral homes, ensuring that you have the support that you need during this time. Working with a funeral home is the best way to ensure that you design the custom funeral to match the preferences of your family.

We understand that it can be a hard experience to choose the details for funerals or cremations. So, we have worked hard to design a supportive plan to assist every step of the way. When you are facing the situation where a funeral should be planned, calling us right away is the best thing that you can do.

Our team at Osceola Memory Gardens is here to offer the listening ear that you need. We believe that custom funeral services are the best way to honor the life of someone you have lost. So, we always strive to customize the services in any way that you desire. Here are some of the options that you might consider for your family:

Viewing, Funeral, and Graveside Service

The traditional option for many families in the area is to have the body embalmed so that a viewing or visitation can be scheduled first. Then, the casket can be closed and on display during the funeral service. Often, this funeral is planned in our funeral home, or you can schedule it in a church or event center if you prefer.

Finally, the funeral procession moves to the cemetery where a graveside service is held. The casket will be placed in the ground after the services are over. Then, a headstone will be used to mark the spot where your loved one was laid to rest.

This funeral plan is one of the most expensive options available. Many extra costs need to be covered, such as the price of the casket, a burial plot, embalming, and more. But, many families don’t feel like cost is an issue. Instead, they want to plan a day that matches the tradition of the family and honors the life of the person they lost.

Cremation and Funeral Services

The plan listed above can also be designed with the burial of cremated ashes instead of a casket. In this situation, you might be able to cater to the requests of the deceased, while giving the family a place to visit at the cemetery. The cremation can be done before the funeral, with the urn on display during the funeral services. Or, you might have the body embalmed for the viewing and funeral, then schedule the cremation after those events are over.

Just because you are planning a cremation, doesn’t mean that a funeral isn’t appropriate. The cremation is only the way the body is laid to rest. You have the option to customize the events in any manner to match the requirements of your family.

Alternative Cremation Options

There are many alternative options if you choose cremation instead of a traditional casket burial. For example, if you might choose a beautiful urn to use as a memorial. Then, the urn can be kept in your home or shared with other family members.

The ashes can be scattered outside if you want to return the person to the earth naturally. Some families create a memory garden, then scatter the ashes in the garden. Or, you might choose a favorite destination to scatter the ashes, either over land or sea.

Funeral, Memorial, or Celebration of Life

Grief counselors have found that it is important to support the grieving process by having an event that can be attended by family or friends. But, there isn’t a right or wrong way to plan this event. You can choose any style or program that will honor the life of the person.

A funeral is the traditional meeting when the body or ashes are on display during the ceremony. A memorial is often held after the person has been laid to rest. For example, if the ashes are scattered, then you might have a memorial for close friends and family members to grieve.

Finally, a celebration of life is viewed as a party to remember the accomplishments of the person. Instead of having an event focused on grief and loss, this gathering celebrates the beauty of life and the things that the person brought into the world.

At Osceola Memory Gardens, we are here to support your funeral preferences. If you need to plan a funeral or cremation in Ocoee, FL, then you need to call the leading funeral home in the area. Visit our convenient location at 1717 Old Boggy Creek Road, Kissimmee, FL 34744. Or, call for a consultation: (407) 847-2494