What You Need to Think About When Choosing Funeral Homes and Cremations in Lake Nona, FL

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Are you facing the challenge of losing someone that you love? Many people experience the difficulty of saying goodbye to a loved one while working through the details of funeral planning at the same time. If you need to plan cremations or a casket burial, then you should choose a full-service funeral home in Lake Nona, FL to assist with your decisions.

At Osceola Memory Gardens, we offer all of the options that you might need for an upcoming funeral. Our team is here to support your preferences, ensuring that the funeral day is as unique as the individual. We want to make sure that you are satisfied with the details. So, we will listen to your requests and provide recommendations as needed.

If you are planning a funeral or cremation, then these are some of the details that you need to consider during this time:

Comparing Funeral Homes in Lake Nona, FL

There are many funeral home options in the nearby area, but the services vary depending on the company that you choose. Make sure that you select a funeral home that offers the full-service details to match the requests of your family. For example, ask about cremation services if you feel like a casket burial isn’t the right solution. If you prefer cremations, then you need to choose a funeral home that provides these services.

Our staff is here to answer your questions and help you see the ways that we can support the day. We can discuss everything that might come to mind, including transportation of the body, graveside services, choosing a cemetery plot, and more. You deserve to work with a team that is experienced in the industry and offers the unique services that will create the right custom funeral for your loved one.

Type of Event to Honor the Person

A traditional funeral and casket burial might be the right answer if that is part of the family tradition. But, don’t assume that this plan is the right solution for every person. In fact, you have the flexibility to select the details that will match the requests or preferences of the deceased.

We believe that funeral services should be catered in any way that you can imagine. So, we work to support your personalized requests. You can even use our online planning tool to get ideas about custom funeral services.

Some people find that they want a funeral home that supports the traditional funeral, followed by a cremation. In other circumstances, it might make sense to skip the viewing and funeral altogether, and plan a celebration of life instead.

There isn’t a wrong way to plan a funeral. You need to consider the way that you can show your love and respect for the person that you have lost. Then, create an event that will give friends and family members an opportunity to say goodbye.

Costs of Funeral Planning

The cost of the funeral is often a big concern for families. In some situations, people want to skip the funeral so that they can save money. But, the event is an important time that is needed for the grieving process, helping friends and family experience closure. Instead of worrying so much about the money, it is best to focus on the details that will help to strengthen family relationships.

The funeral costs vary greatly depending on the services that you select. If you choose a basic cremation with an informal celebration of life, then it will be cheaper compared to a full-service funeral. A traditional burial includes costs for the burial plot, casket, embalming, viewing, funeral home, graveside gathering, and more. These prices can add up, resulting in a high bill that needs to be paid.

But, you won’t remember the prices that were paid. Instead, you will remember the memories that were shared and the bonds that were formed with the surviving family members. It is essential that you design a day that will create a lasting memory for everyone in attendance.

Our team is working hard to offer affordable services that can be customized to your preferences. We are transparent with our pricing, giving you the ability to hand-pick the details that will match your budget. If you have questions about these costs, then you can contact our team to learn more.

You deserve to lean on the experience of a supportive team when you are facing the challenging task of planning a funeral. Contact the leading funeral home serving Lake Nona, FL: Osceola Memory Gardens. We provide all of the services that are offered by funeral homes in the area, including cremations and casket burials. Visit us at 1717 Old Boggy Creek Road, Kissimmee, FL 34744. Call to learn about the ways that we can support your family during this time: (407) 847-2494