Whether you are interested in a traditional funeral or a cremation service, Osceola Memory Gardens offers a full complement of merchandise to meet your needs. From caskets to vaults, urns, flowers, monuments and even burial clothing, we are a true one-stop facility. To learn more about the products we offer, along with pricing, please give us a call and one of our staff members will show you a wide variety of merchandise in the categories listed below. Our Selection Room offers each family the privacy to make their selection of choice.


Whether you are preplanning foryourself or choosing for a loved one, a casket selection is a very personal decision and an expression of your feelings. Caskets are made in a wide variety of styles and materials and are available in a wide range of prices to meet every budget.

A casket that reflects the personality and taste of your loved one can be your final tribute to their life. We understand these needs and offer a wide variety of caskets that can help you make your decision.

A casket that reflects the personality and taste of your loved one can be your final tribute to their life. We understand these needs and offer a wide variety of caskets that can help you make your decision.

Metal Caskets are usually chosen for their finish and may include choices such as bronze, copper, stainless steel and basic steel. Among the most durable are bronze and copper. The stainless and carbon steel caskets come in many grades, gauges, styles and finishes.

Our caskets can be personalized to reflect the life of the deceased and to become a final tribute to your loved one.

Wood Caskets may include choices such as cherry, oak, mahogany, walnut, pecan, maple and pine. These caskets are appreciated for their warmth and beauty and simply that no two are exactly alike.

Cremation Caskets for those families who desire the look of solid wood but need to be more economical, we offer a variety of select hardwood veneer caskets. Designed specifically to meet legal and environmental requirements for cremation. We offer a rental casket in this category as well.

Commemorative Casket Interiors

Most casket interiors can be personalized by adding a Commemorative Interior. These interiors can include standard designs and themes from the manufacturer, such as a religious theme or a relationship theme like "Mother". Even custom embroidering is available for names, quotes or special designs.

Casket Ornamentation

Some varieties of caskets come with interchangeable corner ornamentation. This allows families to create a casket that reflects the lifestyle of the deceased by adding symbolic corners such as a Cross, an American Eagle, an Angel, a Masonic Emblem, A Golfer, etc…

Outer Burial Containers (Vaults)

Many cemeteries require that you have such a receptacle that is capable of withstanding the weight and pressure of the earth above and surrounding the vault so that the grave will not sink in.

Markers and Monuments

We offer a full range of bronze memorials, upright monuments, granite markers and accompanying vases in a variety of prices. There are many carvings and font types available. Permanent Memorials individualize and designate a physical place where loved ones can come to pay their respects.

Osceola Memory Gardens can assist you in personalizing a memorial for your loved one with a design that will meet every budget. We at Osceola Memory Gardens feel proud to be able to offer our families the very finest memorials available anywhere.


Memorial Urns are permanent containers for the cremated remains. We offer a wide range of styles and prices appropriate for burial, niches, scattering, keepsakes or discreet placement in a home. Your personal plans for the final placement of the urn can play an important part in you selection process. Some urns are ornately designed for display purposes while others are very basic in style. Many of the urns can also be personalized with engravings or laser designs.

Cremation Urns

Cremation urns provide the vessel in which to memorialize a loved one. While a cremation urn serves to safeguard the cremated remains, it should also reflect the personality of the deceased individual. As you will learn, cremation urns are made from a variety of natural and man-made materials. They can be simple and quite inexpensive or intricate and as costly as a one-of-a kind sculpture.

Before a cremation urn is selected, some thought should be given to the final placement of the urn. If the urn is to be kept at home, something more decorative might make sense. If it is to be buried in a cemetery, then an urn crafted out of something durable would work nicely. The presence of the urn at the memorial service might also impact the selection as well. We offer a wide variety of styles and prices appropriate for burial, niches, scattering or placement in a home.

Keepsake Urns

Keepsake Urns are smaller urns that hold a portion of the cremated remains. There are two types of keepsakes: jewelry and urns. They range in design from very simple to very detailed works of art. The concept behind the keepsake is to allow each family member to have a small amount of the cremated remains to create a personal memorial. This is particularly important when scattering is chosen as the method of final disposition for the cremated remains, or for families and friends separated by distance. Very often, keepsakes are sold in multiples, especially if there are several family members who are interested in having their own memorial to the deceased.

Urn Vaults

Urn Vaults are protective containers in which urns are commonly placed. In many cases, where families desire to bury the cremated remains of their loved one, cemeteries will require the use of an urn vault. Much like burial vaults for caskets, urn vaults protect the urn from being crushed so that the grave will not sink in.

Memorial Registry Gifts

A variety of Memorial Registry Books, Service Folders and Acknowledgement Cards are available that can reflect the life and interests of the deceased.

For more information on Merchandise, or if you have questions about any of our services, feel free to call us at (407) 847-2494 or email us.